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Church of Santa Maria

Located on a ridge near the hamlet Morinesio (Stroppo), the Sanctuary of Santa Maria replaced a pre-existing small chapel dating back to the fourteenth century that was dedicated to Santa Margherita, whom is still the subject of an icon on the side altar. In 1511 Santa Maria became a sanctuary and a pilgrimage site for people from the villages of the Maira Valley and the nearby Grana and Varaita valleys; today the birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary is still celebrated on the second Sunday of September.
During the eighteenth century, the construction of today’s sanctuary was carried out and completed at the turn of the century with the construction of the bell tower, the two arcades and the lodgings built for pilgrims; whereas the frescoes of the dome and those outside date back to the late nineteenth century.
The sanctuary is located at a panoramic viewpoint from which you can enjoy a wide view of the Maira Valley and part of the Cuneo plain; as a matter of fact the sanctuary is clearly visible from several points along the main road.
This church is a spellbinding place that assures peace and reflection; it is easily reachable on foot from our home through various paths (with travel times ranging from 30 minutes to 3 hours).

Consorzio Valle Maira
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