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Lazzaretto del Caudano (leper hospital)

In the hamlet of Caudano there is the Ancient Hospital and Lazzaretto, that was built thanks to a noble family of that time, the Agnesi, who took interest in the project and began the construction on July 7, 1463. To this day you can still admire the ancient structure of the hospital "pro receptatione Christi pauperum” (latin for “shelter for the poor”).
The building has all the traits that were typical of medieval aristocratic buildings: the sailing facade, the two mullioned windows of the facade, the megalithic portals, the covered lateral walkway and valuable sculptural reliefs that highlight its value. You can also see the knot of Solomon, the symbol of the mountain community of the Maira Valley, which is carved in stone on one of the mullioned windows.
We do not know exactly what its use was, however it’s possible it was an asylum or a shelter for the victims of an epidemic who needed to be removed from their houses. It can only be visited outside.
(taken from the website of the municipality of Stroppo)

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